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18 December 2017

Life hacks to stay fit at work place

Instago Admin
  1. Eat sensibly: Just like your vehicle, your body too needs fuel. Providing sufficient amount of food at regular intervals makes you go longer and smoother. Biggest drawback of the modern work pattern is that people find it difficult to eat and especially at right time. In order to crunch time, employees move to a quicker option i.e. “Junk”.
  2. Drink plenty of water: Water is 2nd most popular drink besides soft drinks. Our 60% of the body is made of water. One should not put your glass of water or water bottle as water is very essential and it has a great health benefits. One should at-least drink 8-10 glass of water. There are many benefits of drinking water daily and most important among them are: its maintains your body fluid, keeps your skin healthy and fresh, helps control calories, boost your brain, improves energy levels, maintains immunity system.
  3. Restrict caffeine intakes: Lesser intake of caffeine increases the life of your heart, health and bones. There are numbers of effects of taking caffeine, some important of them are: it cause dehydration, it increases the stress level and stimulates stomach disorder, which is very much higher in case of women.
  4. Take frequent breaks: Break is very much needed from our hectic daily schedule. Its gives a peace of mind and relax our body helping us to continue work and maintain the energy level. Its helps creating enjoyable environment and keeps us away from getting bore.
  5. Learn to manage stress: It is very important to learn how to manage stress because there are so many disadvantages of stress that results to serious health and mental condition.
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