Case Studies

Great people, Hard Work, Innovative thinking and Staying focused

Software Office

A high profile IT giant company installed 2 Instago Vending machines at their location after finding that there is no option for Food and Beverages that work round the clock. Our vending machines serve them 24X7 and the HR department has seen considerable improvement in employee’s productivity in a shorter period of time. Now Instago has become an indispensable part of their life in the company. In addition, they are very happy with the sophisticated feel that machines bring to their office.

Gym Multiplex

A very large suburban gym installed our beverage vending machine at its clubhouse. The range of drinks on offer was tailored to the tastes of the members. This gave club members and spectators access to chilled beverage round the clock. It meant that the management had to spend less time on facilities. In addition, revenue share by Instago was used by the club to give greater benefits to their members.

Business Park

A huge commercial complex installed multiple Instago machines at their location. These machines provide excellent Food and Beverage service to thousands of people who visit the complex every day. The revenue shared by Instago was used to maintain the premises. The management was very happy with the efficiency of our route man and the machine maintenance.v

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