• What type of vending machines are available ?
    Ambient Machine, Combo model machine for snacks and beverages, food vending machine, Sanitary Napkin machine, tea coffee vending machine.
  • What sizes of machines are available ?
    The most standard vending machines measures 35″W x 36″D x 72”H.
  • How much space it will require for vending machine?
    Machine dimensions are  35″W x 36″D x 72”H. However, if the machine is going to be placed inside an enclosure it is best to allow for 40″W x 40″D x 76”H.  These dimensions take in consideration the space for the door opening as well as room in the back of the machine for the plug-in and the need for air movement for the compressor.
  • How often should vending machine be refilled ?
    Vending machine is generally replenished once on a day but it depends on consumption. The usage on every vending machine fluctuates throughout the seasons,  most important season in vending is the summer in that case we can increase the refilling schedule.
  • What type of product to be kept in machine ?
    It is very important that the correct vending machine products are placed in the machine. Vending Solutions will work with you to make sure that you have the product selection that suits your business the best.
  • How long does it take to get installed the vending machine and what is the process ?
    It takes about 15 days to have vending machine installed. A representative will meet with you and determine the best location at your place for vending machine.
  • How many different selections can the vending machine hold ?
    Standard vending machine hold 35-37 selections at one time
  • What if someone loses money in vending machine ?
    It will be reimbursed any money that is lost in the vending machine. Refunds are done within 48 hours by our representative.
  • What are the electrical requirements for power supply in machine ?
    Vending machines run on 15 amplifier plugin point.
  • How do you deal with refilling issues ?
    Vending Solutions is always prepared for the worst-case scenario. We have a staff of vending service specialists on call to assist you and make sure your vending machines are always functioning properly. We have a service department that is well managed, detail oriented and willing to do the follow up necessary to correct any problems that may come up.
  • How much time will it require to get resolved technical issues or if any breakdown happens ?
    Technicians will attend AVM in case of breakdown and for preventive maintenance. Response time – 2-4 hours for the calls received till 5:00 pm and on next working day morning for calls received after 5:00 pm.
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