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What is a Vending Machine in simple?

An electronic machine which disperses a product(s) to a consumer based on the value of the product and amount paid against it; usually used to disperse beverages and/or snack items. It vends products without a cashier.

How it works?

It may be a rocket science for the manufacturers but definitely a piece of cake for consumers, it is as simple as buying a snack item from a shop/market.

  • Items are kept on display with code and price.
  • Select the code of the item you wish to purchase.
  • Input the amount (Value amount of the item).
  • Collect the change (if any).
  • Enjoy the magic moment of snack getting dispensed to you.

What is the Purpose?

24 x 7 is the lifestyle what we live today. Rushing to work, to meetings is mandatory to meet the deadlines.The result? Skip meals and forget to eat. When a human is dedicated to work at all times, then why not machines? Wouldn’t it be convenient to have some food, snacks in hand whenever needed at any point of an hour? It would be more convenient to have a healthy snack or food a few footsteps from your work station and within the premise.

I do have ordering option the what is the advantage?

Saves time for ordering/calling, available option to choose from and not recollect

Doesn’t require downloading apps

Easy to use

Saves time for delivery

100% Approachable

Available at any time of the hour ( 24×7 )

Hygiene and convenient

Hassle Free Buying

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